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Choose Between PEX Plumbing And Copper Plumbing

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A water line repair may prompt you to choose a superior plumbing product that will hold its value and remain durable for years to come. PEX (high-density polyethylene) plumbing and copper plumbing possess varying properties that you can compare.

An Assessment

The quality of the freshwater that your home is supplied with may have a bearing on whether you choose PEX or copper components. Your budget and the layout of your home should also be assessed. Perform an analysis before shopping for plumbing components. Since PEX plumbing components and copper plumbing components have different thermal ratings, cost points, and protective properties, you will want to be certain that you are aware of what type of plumbing you will ultimately be investing in.

PEX Plumbing

High-density polyethylene is used to make flexible plumbing pieces. These pieces are used as a replacement for rigid plumbing sections. PEX plumbing does not corrode. It provides a constant flow of water from point A to point B. Hot water that flows through PEX plumbing will maintain its temperature. This type of plumbing is fairly easy to install. Fittings that are made of similar material will need to be used to attach PEX sections.

PEX plumbing is affordable. Mineral deposits will not form in plumbing pieces. If you choose to invest in this type of plumbing, however, you will need to ask your plumber if they supply it. Because PEX plumbing is a relatively new product, some plumbing businesses may not feature it or may charge more for the installation of this type of product.

Copper Plumbing

Copper is one of the strongest types of plumbing on the market. It is resistant to bacteria and corrosion. Copper pipes are not resistant to mineral buildup, however. If the water content within a residence has a high mineral content, there is a chance that buildup could restrict the flow of water. Copper pipes tend to be on the pricey side. If they are being used to upgrade a plumbing system, the addition of copper piping could increase the value of a home.

Copper pipes are recyclable. This type of piping should be well-insulated. A plumber may recommend having thermal sleeves secured around exposed copper pipes. Because copper plumbing has a low tensile strength, water within pipes is prone to freezing. This is why it is important to seek insulated products when upgrading plumbing to a copper plumbing system.  

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