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4 Signs Of Tree Roots In A Sewer Line And How Sewer Repair Services Can Assist

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Having trees on your property can be a great thing — aside from adding to the aesthetic of the outdoors, they provide shade and oxygen, plus some privacy from neighbors! But did you know that those same trees could also wreak havoc on your sewer lines? When tree roots cause blockages in your drainage pipes, it can create an expensive problem. Read this article to learn the tell-tale signs of tree roots in a sewer line and how sewer repair services can assist.

Unusual Gurgling Noises

If you start hearing gurgling noises from your toilet, it could signify that tree roots have made their way into your drainage. Tree roots are drawn to the moisture in your pipes and can grow inside them and cause blockages over time, leading to drainage problems. A surefire way to tackle this issue is to call a professional repair service. They will locate the intrusive tree roots, redirect their growth, and repair any damage caused to the plumbing pipes.

Slow Drainage or Backed-Up Toilets

Is your drainage unusually slow? It could be due to a clog caused by tree roots in your sewer line. When tree roots make their way into a sewer line, they often result in clogs because they grow inside the pipes. sewer repair services will have the expertise to identify if tree roots are causing the blockage and provide appropriate solutions, such as clearing out the root system and recommending replacements for sections of damaged pipes.

Foul Smells

Have you noticed a foul smell emanating from your drains? This could be due to tree roots in the sewer line. Due to the blockage caused by the tree roots, the foul smell in the pipes builds up and backs up into your home. Sewer repair services can investigate the issue and advise on appropriate solutions, such as removing tree root clogs or total pipe replacement, depending upon the severity of the problem.

Sewage Backup

The most obvious and damaging symptom of tree roots in your sewer lines is a sewage backup which can occur when a clog is so severe that water backs up through drains and into your home. While this is a scary plumbing disaster, you can trust professionals to restore order at your residence.

Thus, you won't have to worry about your family being exposed to disease-causing organisms. Sewer repair services will identify the cause of the backup and take appropriate measures, such as clearing out tree root clogs to restore proper drainage.

Sewer repair services are equipped to identify the issue at hand, whether it's due to tree roots or something else, and provide the best action to treat the problem. They can assess the extent of damage, advise on pipe replacement or repairs, and offer preventative measures that you can take to avoid costly problems in the future.