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Plumbing Upgrades Your Business's New Building May Require

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When a business moves into a new building, there may be many upgrades that will need to be made to make the structure suitable for use. In particular, the plumbing systems can require major changes before the business may be able to fully make use of the building.

Grease Trap Installation

Grease can be a major problem for a business's plumbing. When grease is able to enter the drains, it can lead to significant clogging. Depending on where these clogs form, they can be extremely difficult and expensive to remove. Installing grease traps will be able to intercept these substances so that they will be unable to enter the plumbing system of the business.

Hot Water Upgrades

A commercial structure will likely have a need for large amounts of hot water. Unfortunately, if you are moving into a building that has an older hot water unit, it may simply be unable to provide sufficient water for the business's operations. For this reason, installing a new water heater will often be one of the first upgrades that will be made to the structure. Depending on the amount and temperature of the hot water that is needed, a tankless water heater can be the most efficient option for providing your business with an almost endless supply of hot water.

Pipe Insulation

Frozen pipes can be a cause of significant damage to a business. Pipes that are installed along the exterior of the walls of the business can be some that are the most vulnerable to suffering this damage. One way to reduce this risk will be to install additional insulation around any pipes that are near the exterior walls of the business. A plumbing professional will be able to help you locate these pipes and install this insulation so that they will be able to better withstand long periods of extremely low temperatures.

Adding New Sinks

Many businesses will find that their new buildings will lack a sufficient number of sinks. This can make it difficult for the employees to fulfill their responsibilities. One solution to this will be the installation of more sinks throughout the business's building. While this may not seem like a major addition, it can put considerable strain on a building's plumbing system. As a result, you will want to consult with a professional plumber before you decide on a number of sinks as well as their positioning. These assessments will help to ensure this installation avoids compromising the water pressure or sewage system of the building.

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