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Tips For Choosing A Replacement Showerhead

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If you are in the market for a new showerhead, try not to make price your main consideration for the selection. Below are some critical factors you should give weight.

Existing Plumbing

If you are replacing your shower, then you need to confirm that the new showerhead will work with the existing plumbing. For example, most rainfall or spray showerheads are usually mounted on the ceiling. Such a showerhead might be difficult to install if your current plumbing configuration doesn't include a configuration for a ceiling showerhead.


Showerheads differ on the pressure of the water they release. Some people love to shower under high water pressure, while others prefer low water pressure. Confirm what pressure you want but don't forget that the more pressure a showerhead produces, the more water it uses.


There are different ways of mounting showerheads. You can mount a showerhead on the wall or on the ceiling or even use a handheld showerhead. There are also two-in-one showerheads that incorporate at least two designs. For example, you can get a fixture that includes both a wall-mounted and a handheld showerhead.


Many people love high-pressure showerheads but don't want to use a lot of water when showering. Aeration technology allows you to experience high-pressure showers with minimal water use. The technology mixes air with the water as it jets out of the showerhead, increasing the shower's effective pressure while conserving water usage. Look for showerheads with the technology if you love high-pressure showers.

Spray Pattern

Showerheads release water in various patterns. Some showerheads spread their water almost like a rainfall; others produce a sharp spray that you can target at a specific location, while some produce is halfway between the two extremes. There are also adjustable showerheads, which many people consider the best, which you can configure to whichever pater you want to sue at any time.

Fancy/Tech Features

Lastly, in this age of technology, it is not surprising that there are showerheads that incorporate various technologies to produce different functions. For example, there are showerheads with built-in speakers, smart showerheads that can stream audio from the internet, and showerheads that you can connect to your Bluetooth enabled devices. Here, what you can get is limited only by your wants and the available technologies.

Note that a few showerheads are relatively easy to install while most require professional expertise. However, you should always use professional plumbing services for the task if you don't have the relevant experience.