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3 Septic Tank Issues to Avoid This Summer

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As school ends and your summer begins, your schedule is probably as full as it was during the school year. Rather than taking your kids to soccer practice and other extracurricular activities, you are not taking them to friends houses and the beach while also trying to entertain their friends and your friends with parties and barbecues.

While summer is supposed to be a load of fun, if you aren't careful, things can get pretty messy. Because your septic tank will be used a lot more, you could end up needing tank repair. With a few tips, though, you can likely avoid a malfunction.

Keep reading to learn three of the most common issues homeowners experience with their septic tanks during the summer and what you can do to prevent potential problems at your house.

Clogged Toilets

During the summer, there is a good chance that there will be more people at home than usual. As a result, your septic tank is going to experience more usage. Some people are unfamiliar with how septic systems should be used, and because of this, they may flush items like tampons, floss, paper towels etc. down the toilet that should never be flushed. When this happens, your septic pipes can become clogged. To avoid this from happening, make sure everyone at your home is aware of the fact that only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet.

Parking on Top of the Septic System 

If you are having a get-together at your home, your driveway may not be large enough for everyone's vehicles. As a result, people may start parking on your lawn. If this occurs, make sure that no one parks directly on top of your septic system. Otherwise, the soil above the tank could become compressed and potentially damage the system's pipes. This will lead to the need for repairs.

Excess Water Usage

When you have additional guests in your home, they are bound to be taking showers, which means more water use than usual. This will not only increase your utility and water bills, but it will also add stress to your septic system equipment. In addition, there is a chance that your tank will fill up faster than usual. To help conserve water while also maintaining the overall integrity of your system, turn the faucets off when they aren't being used, take shorter showers, and only run the dishwasher and washing machine when they are full. 

For more information on how to protect your septic system this summer or if you believe you are having issues, contact a septic tank contractor like Easy Rooter Plumbing.