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Issues That Cause Your Well To Run Dry And Not Recharge During Hot, Dry Weather

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One of the worst problems to have with a well during dry weather is for it to run dry. This could be for several reasons that need to be addressed before they cause more damage to equipment. The problems may be due to a shallow well, issues with the casing, and the location of the well. The following issues are some of the problems that can cause your well to be dry during summer weather:

Shallow Wells That Run Dry In Summer

In some areas, shallower wells are drilled to reduce the costs and time it takes to install a new well. If you have a shallow well, it is more vulnerable to droughts. If the hot and dry weather causes it to run dry, you might want to consider having it drilled deeper. The deeper well casing may also require new equipment to be installed because deeper wells usually use different types of pumps.

Problems With Well Casings Not Recharging

The problems with casings can also be the issues that cause your well to be dry during the summer months. This can start with the water tables getting lower, which leads to sediments getting into the casing. This can cause the casing pipe to become clogged and lead to the well not recharging. An option to solve these problems is to have the casing flushed. This will unclog the pores of the casing and allow the well to recharge. It will also help remove sediments and contamination from the well.

Issues With Well Equipment Not Working Properly

The installation of modern well equipment is much more than just a pump. Today, some systems filter the water and control flow. Therefore, problems with a dry well may be due to issues with well equipment not working properly. If you have a complete well system, you may want to have the equipment checked when there is a problem causing reduce flow rates coming from the well casing.

Depleting Water Tables During The Summer Dry Season

One common issue that causes wells to run dry during the summer months is depleted water tables. This is something that happens naturally, and there may be little that you can do about it. Therefore, you might want to try to drill the well casing deeper and add storage tank solutions to ensure you have the resources you need.

The problems with wells being dry during hot weather can be solved with different solutions. If there is no water from your well, contact a well drilling and equipment service to discuss the best solutions for the dry well on your property.