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Plumber: Why Your Toilet Runs Continuously and How to Fix the Problem

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One of the worst plumbing inconveniences to deal with in your home is a dysfunctional toilet. A running toilet might seem like an easy problem to ignore, but it leads to massive water damage. It also reduces the amount of water available in the cistern for flushing your toilet. Consequently, flushing will be extremely difficult after use, and you might have to do it twice or thrice for it to work. All these problems increase your water bill and also affect the efficiency of the drainage pipes and septic tank. Here are the common reasons why your toilet could be running, and what you should do to correct the problem.

When the Flapper Is Damaged

As the part of the toilet that covers the cistern opening to the bowl, your toilet flapper is the leading cause of leaking and running toilets. The flapper connects to the flush button through a system of levers. When the flapper is working well, it moves out of place when you flush the toilet. Then the water in the tank flows into the bowl and drags down the waste into the sewage system. 

When you release the flush button, the flapper moves back to its position and seals the tank, allowing water to fill up for the next flush. However, the problem starts when the flapper is damaged and doesn't seal the tank as it should. In this case, get a plumber to check the condition of the flapper and repair it to stop water and money wastage.

When the Chain Stops Functioning

Another common reason why your toilet leaks are issues with the chain. The length of the toilet chain determines how well the flapper works. If the chain is too long, it might get caught in the flapper and prevent it from closing and opening properly. On the other hand, when the chain is too short, it makes the toilet run by preventing the flapper from comfortably resting on the opening. A plumber will assess the chain, find out why it's not working, and help you know whether they will repair it or if it needs to be replaced.

When the Float Ball Becomes Disconnected

Another common reason why your toilet could be running is when the float ball gets disconnected from the rest of the flushing mechanism. When the ball floats on top of the water in the cistern, water stops flowing into the tank. However, when the ball gets disconnected, the water will keep flowing, leading to a running toilet. And since you may not correctly connect the float ball, contact a plumber to do it for you.

Troubleshooting a running toilet is complicated because it has countless moving parts. However, you can contact a competent plumber to check the cause of the problem and fix it for a functional toilet. Timely repairs will eliminate the chances of water damage in the house. For more information, contact a local plumber, such as Michigan  Plumbing, to learn more.