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Performance Issues Your Home's Faucets Could Encounter

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Older faucets can be one of the parts of your plumbing system that may be the most likely to encounter malfunctions in the future, which means that this is a problem that you may face in your home. Here are a few examples of signs you need faucet repair.

Banging Noises When The Faucet Is Active

A common issue that faucets can experience is making a banging sound when water is flowing. This can be attributed to some of the pipes in the walls potentially coming loose from their bracketing. As the water flows through the pipe, it can cause it to shift positions, which may cause the banging sound that you hear. If this issue is not corrected, these collisions can eventually cause substantial damage to the pipe that may result in weak spot forming that could eventually rupture. Luckily, the repair for this problem is fairly inexpensive, but it may take a plumbing professional to be able to reach the pipe supplying the faucet with water.

Dripping Water When The Faucet Should Be Turned Off

A dripping faucet is easily among the most common problems for these plumbing fixtures to experience. While a dripping faucet may not seem like a big deal, it can result in substantial water waste over the course of time. To prevent leaks, your faucet will utilize a series of internal gaskets that can stop the water from seeping out. Over time, these gaskets will break down and become less effective. Once this occurs, replacing the gasket will be needed to stop water from seeping through it when the faucet is turned off. While this repair is a routine need for faucets, it can be challenging to do, and any mistakes may allow water to continue seeping around the replacement gasket.

Odors From The Faucet

If you notice that there is a strange smell coming from the water out of particular faucets, this may be an indication of the faucet developing a bacterial problem. Thoroughly sanitizing the interior of the faucet can help to eliminate the bacteria that are causing these smells. Older faucets can be particularly prone to this problem due to the higher likelihood of corrosion forming on the interior, which can allow some types of bacteria that feed on rust to become established in the faucet. If this is the case with your faucet, it may be time to have it replaced with a new model. In addition to being free of the presence of corrosion, the new faucet will also likely be designed to offer better performance and increased reliability.