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Is It Time For Sump Pump Replacement? 3 Signs You Need To Pay Attention To

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Neglecting your sump pump is a severe mistake that you should never make as a homeowner. It is an essential appliance that keeps your basement dry and prevents flooding in your home, protecting your house from water damage. Although your sump pump isn't meant to last forever, you can extend its lifespan by investing in routine maintenance. However, just like any other equipment or appliance in your home, your sump pump's useful life will eventually come to an end. If you suspect that your sump pump is dying, you should have it replaced as soon as possible by an experienced plumbing contractor to prevent flooding in your basement.

Here are three signs it is time for sump pump replacement:

Your Sump Pump Won't Stop Running

Your sump pump may need a professional's intervention if it won't stop running, even when there is no water in your sump. A constantly running pump will consume power excessively, increasing your energy bills. Your sump pump may run continuously for no reason when its performance declines or due to mechanical issues. It may also run constantly, even when it is sunny outside if its size is inappropriate. In such a situation, you need to hire a plumbing contractor to replace your current sump pump with a properly sized system that will drain water from your pit more effectively.  

Your Sump Pump Is Extremely Noisy When Running

A properly functioning sump pump will make a low humming noise when operating. Therefore, your sump pump may be in trouble if it is extremely noisy as it runs. This problem may occur due to falling parts or mechanical issues in your sump pump. If the problems causing the strange noises are irreversible, it's advisable to invest in a new sump pump to avoid flooding and water damage in your home.   

Your Sump Pump Is Old, Rusty, and Worn Out

If your sump pump is old, extremely rusty, and worn out, repairing it will only offer a short-term solution to your home. A worn-out, rusty, and aged sump pump is likely to break down unexpectedly, which will expose your house to water damage. Therefore, it's advisable to have it replaced as soon as possible by an experienced plumbing contractor to avoid costly issues in the future. 

If your sump pump is running inefficiently or portraying any of the issues discussed above, you shouldn't hesitate to have it replaced. An experienced and accredited plumbing contractor will help you choose and install the most appropriate sump pump in your home. Contact a sump pump replacement service to learn more.