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How To Choose And Install A Water Filtration System For Your Home

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A water filtration system is an important feature of your home. Depending on the type of filter you choose, the filter could protect your plumbing and your water heater, or it could protect you from having contaminants in your drinking water. You can buy inexpensive point-of-use filters that screw on the end of your kitchen faucet, but the most convenient types of filters are installed by a plumber in line with water pipes. Here's how to choose the filter you need and how it's installed.

Decide How You Want Your Water Filtered

When you're mostly concerned about the quality of the water you use to drink and cook with, you may prefer a water filtration system that is installed under your kitchen sink. This purifies water that can come from a dedicated spout that you use when you want a drink or get water for adding to recipes.

If you want a filter that removes sediment, such as when you have your own well, you might want a whole-house water filtration system that is installed somewhere on your water main before the plumbing branches off to various destinations in your house. This ensures all the water to every faucet is filtered.

You can even combine filters if you want the cleanest and purest water. You may want both a whole-house sediment or charcoal filter and an under-sink reverse osmosis purifier. You can also install a whole-house purifier, but some of these waste a lot of water, so it isn't practical to purify water by reverse osmosis for doing laundry or dishes.

To choose the type of filter to buy, decide where you need or want filtered water and where you want the most purified water. This helps you buy the right filter and have it installed in the right place. You should start by having a water test done and then let a plumber help you choose the best filtration system for your house.

Let A Plumber Install Your Water Filter

Whether you want the filter installed under the sink or on your water main, the plumber has to cut a pipe so the filter can be installed inline. A whole-house filter might be installed in the basement on the incoming water main before the water reaches the water heater and any of the faucets in your home. This would be done by cutting a copper pipe and soldering in the new pipes that attach to the filter.

A water filter that's installed under your sink might be a basic carbon filter that's installed so the water that comes out of your sink faucet is always clean. This basic filter can remove odors and sediment so the taste of your water improves. However, if you want better water purification, you could want a reverse osmosis filter installed under your sink, and this requires a few more steps.

A reverse osmosis filter has its own water spout that's installed next to your regular faucet. This makes it so you get purified water when you need it, but you can use regular water for washing your hands. A reverse osmosis filter produces wastewater, so it also needs to be connected to the drain under your sink with an adapter so the wastewater can drain away as the water is purified.

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