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Your Helpful Guide To Residential Plumbing Problems

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It's important to recognize drain and pipe problems in your plumbing system. This way, you will know about repair issues and warning signs of impending issues early on, before you find yourself in the midst of some major plumbing issues. You can use this guide on drain and pipe issues to help you stay on top of things. 

Things that can cause clogs

There are a lot of things that can cause drain clogs. One of the biggest offenders is oil and grease. It hardens, clings to the sides of the drain and the pipes, and causes even more debris to get stuck, creating big clogs. Drain cleaning can help to avoid clogs, but they can still happen. When they do, you want the plumber to come to get rid of them. 

Things that can cause pipe damages

There are many things that can cause pipe damages that you are going to want to be aware of. One of the common causes of pipe damages is old plumbing. This is why you should have the plumbing inspected and follow the plumber's advice when they let you know it's time to update it. Some of the other things that can cause pipe damages include clogs, high water pressure, corrosion, frozen pipes, soil that has shifted, and tree roots that grow into the pipes. 

Signs there are problems with the plumbing pipes

There are a number of ways you can spot troubles with your plumbing. Leaks in the pipes are a common sign of plumbing problems. Also, seeing signs of moisture behind the walls that show in the form of bubbling paint, dark spots, or peeling paint indicates potential plumbing issues. Mold growth, slow draining, an increase in the appearance of pests, increased water bills, and even areas of much greener grass can indicate problems. 

Know when to call the plumber

Any time you fear there may be problems with the drains or pipes in your home, it is the appropriate time for you to call the plumber. They will come out and check things out, using special equipment to look into the concerns. When they determine what repair issues are going on, they can fix them for you. The plumber will also be able to educate you on things you should be doing around your home in order to prevent as many future plumbing issues as possible from happening again.

Reach out to a plumber for more information regarding pipe repair.