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Drain Cleaning Services: 5 Reasons You Have Stinky Drains

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Do you cringe every time you enter the bathroom because of the foul smell? Much of the waste going down the drains is organic: kitchen and human waste. Some of it clings to the sides of the drain plumbing pipes and starts breaking down. This breakdown releases foul gases, which rise and come from the drains. Foul smells will not go away by themselves. They will only get worse as waste matter builds up. You need professional drain cleaning services to diagnose the source and cause of a foul smell. What are some likely reasons you have stinking drains?

1. Dirty and Dry P-trap

A P-trap usually forms a U-shaped bend under your sink and other drains in your house. The water goes around this bend, down the pipe to the sewer line outside your house. 

The water in the P-trap acts as a barrier against foul smells coming up from the drain. However, if this water dries up, the gases can rise. It can also clog up with waste debris. Flushing water often restores the water level in the P-trap. However, if the problem lingers, call the drain cleaning services. 

2. Bacteria Buildup

Bacteria feed on the dirt and grease on the inner surface of the drain pipes. The bacterial breakdown releases gases that rise from the drains. The smells will get stronger as the bacteria multiply. You need to call a professional drain cleaning company to clean the drains thoroughly to eliminate bacterial growth with antiseptic drain cleaning products. 

3. Mold and Mildew in the Pipes 

Mold and mildew like moist and dark places. They grow well in drains that are not cleaned regularly. The fungi will release gases as they feed on ‌the waste matter and spread, which gives off a strong, musty smell. A drain cleaning service can clean your drain pipes using antiseptic cleaners to kill off these organisms. 

4. High Sulfate Content in the Water 

Your water may contain high levels of sulfate, which is a mineral. Sulfates combine with organic matter to form sulfurous compounds, with a characteristic rotten egg smell. You can remedy this by installing a water filtration system to lower the level of sulfates and other minerals. 

5. Clogged Sewer Line 

When the water draining from your house or building is not flowing freely into the sewer line, it accumulates in the pipe. The gases from the sewer line backup and rise from the drains. You need to call a professional drain cleaning service. 

Are foul smells from the drains making your house uninhabitable? Call local drain cleaning services to fix this problem and restore comfort in your home.