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Is Your Water Heater Leaking? Reasons Why It Might Be Happening

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When it comes to water heater problems, leaking is one of the most serious issues you might encounter. After all, a leaking water heater not only costs you more in excess water consumption but also in the energy to heat that water. If your home's water heater is leaking, it's in your best interest to talk with your water heater repair technician. However, it's also helpful to understand the most common causes of these leaks. Here's a look at some of the most frequent reasons for water heaters leaking.

Damaged Water Tank 

If the hot water heater's storage tank suffers damage, such as what could happen with mineral buildup, excess pressure, and similar problems, the tank itself may leak. Sometimes, it happens because of damage to a seam, while in other cases, the tank cracks. In either case, you'll need to talk with a water heater repair technician about the cause of the problem to see if it can be repaired.

Leaky Valves

One of the things about hot water heaters is that they include a few valves that connect the water heater to the plumbing system. The incoming water lines, outgoing hot water lines, and the overflow pipe are all connected with seals and valves that control the water flow. It's important that those valves are in good condition for the hot water heater to work the way that it should. If one of them is damaged, it can cause leaks that can lead to water damage and other similar problems. These valves can be replaced by a technician.

Drain Pipe Problem

Many older hot water tanks include an additional drain valve that can be used to help flush the tank. Sometimes, that drain pipe seal fails, allowing the tank to leak water. You'll need to have a professional technician inspect the drain to determine the source of the leak in order to adequately repair it.

Excessive Temperature

As the temperature increases on the water inside your hot water tank, the pressure also increases. Your water heater will have a pressure relief valve that's intended to reduce the risk of over-pressurizing the system. However, most water tanks only develop excess pressure when the water is heated too high. If the thermostat is malfunctioning or is set too high, excess pressure will cause the appearance of leaks due to water released from the pressure relief valve. 

Talk with a local water heater repair technician if your hot water tank is leaking. They will help you address the problem.