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3 Common Reasons Why You May Need Plumbing Leak Repairs In Your Home

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Your home's plumbing comprises a water supply system that brings safe water to your sinks, bathtubs, shower, and other plumbing fixtures—including a wastewater management system that carries wastewater and sewage out of the property. If leaks occur in any part of the plumbing system, you'll want to perform plumbing leak repairs immediately. 

Prompt leak repairs help you get things under control and avoid serious water damage to your property. Read along to learn about the most common plumbing leaks you may experience at home.

Water Supply Line Leaks

Connected directly to the municipal water main that is typically located under the street, your water supply line is the main pipe that brings water to your entire home. In other words, it is the pipe that runs from the street to your water meter. Water meters are usually located outside near the curb in front of your house, or in the basement. Once the water reaches the water meter, it is distributed to the various plumbing fixtures throughout your house.

Since it has seams and joints, your water supply line can develop leaks over time. Water pipe leaks can also occur due to natural deterioration of the pipe material. 

If you notice the signs of a leaky water line, you should get the issue checked and fixed right away. Otherwise, you risk wasting precious water and suffering costly water damage to your home.

Sewer Line Leaks

Your residential sewer line is the main pipe that allows wastewater and sewage to exit your house. Sewer lines connect directly to municipal sewerage systems (for homes located in towns and municipal areas) or septic systems (for rural dwellings without access to municipal sewer treatment plants).

Since these pipes are made of material that deteriorates with age and can get damaged by the elements, including invasive tree roots, sewer leaks are not uncommon.

If you see or smell sewage in your yard, you should get the issue fixed immediately to avoid potential property damage and disruptions to your normal life. Conducting timely sewer leak repairs also helps reduce the risk of waterborne diseases within your home and neighborhood.

Drain Leaks

The individual drain pipes that carry wastewater from the various plumbing fixtures located throughout your home can also develop leaks. Since these pipes typically run behind the walls and under the floors of your house, they have the potential to cause serious water damage to the property. 

If you see wet patches on the walls of your house, hear a hissing sound behind those walls, or notice water puddles under the sink, you most likely have a leaking drain pipe. Getting the problem checked and repaired will help to prevent extensive water damage to the property, as well as condensation problems such as mold growth.

Plumbing leaks are one of those plumbing issues that can't wait for normal business hours. If you notice or suspect you have a leak in any part of your residential plumbing system, contact an emergency plumbing service immediately.