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Examples Of The Many Services Plumbers Provide

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When your plumbing springs a leak, you likely know to call the plumber to come and fix it for you. However, what you might not know is that plumbers can do so much more than fix your leaky pipes.

Here are some different types of plumbing services plumbers do.

Tend to gas plumbing issues

If you feel there may be a gas leak in your home, the plumber may be the one to come inspect and repair any issues. Some examples of gas plumbing issues a plumber may get called out for can include gas pipe leak detection, gas pipe fittings, and the installation of natural gas lines. Also, plumbers can install gas appliances, installation of water heaters, and the installation of gas fireplaces. 

Installation of plumbing-related appliances

A plumber can come to install plumbing-related appliances and fixtures. This means they can come out to replace sinks, put in a new shower, replace the toilet, and replace all the faucets.

Take care of drainage issues

The plumber is the one you are going to want to call if you are having drainage issues. You can have problems with your sewer lines or your septic tank, depending on which system your home is hooked up to. The blockage can be caused by things like grease being put down the kitchen sink, or even a tree root that's grown into the pipes in the yard. No matter what the blockage is being caused by, the plumber can find it and then take care of it for you. 

Care for the water supply

The drainage system isn't the only plumbing system that can have problems in your home. The water supply can also experience problems. You may experience issues with the water faucets spatting water at you. You may also have problems with the hot water not coming out due to the hot water heater. Any issues that have to do with your water supply will be a reason to get the plumber out. 

Preventative plumbing care

Plumbers should be coming out to your home every couple of years or so to inspect the plumbing and clean the drains. The plumber will have special equipment that allows them to look into the pipes to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Also, they will clean the drains to help avoid getting any clogs in the future.

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