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Having Issues With Your Well Pump? Here Are Signs You Need Repairs

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If your household water source is a well, you need to use a well pump to transfer the water into the storage tanks. Well pumps are designed to last long, so you expect water to flow once you turn on the faucets. 

However, water well pumps develop issues over time, just like other plumbing components, and they'll need repairs. If you spot the problems early enough, you can rectify them and ensure the taps don't run dry. On-time repairs also extend the pump's lifespan significantly.

So, how can homeowners know that it's time to fix their residential water well pumps? Here are signs you shouldn't overlook.

Unusual Clicking Sounds 

A pressure tank contains a bladder that's filled with air, just like the inner tube in a bicycle tire. If the air starts to leak, you might notice a rapid clicking sound from the pressure switch. When the air escapes into the pressure tank, it will cause the pump to stop and start more frequently than usual, which will strain the motor. 

If you don't fix the problem immediately, the motor will become faulty, and the life expectancy of the pump will reduce. So, if you hear an unusual sound, contact your plumber to inspect the well pump before it stops operating.

There's No Water

It's devastating to turn on the faucets to fill a bathtub or wash dishes only to realize there's no water. If you haven't faced a water shortage issue with your well, you might need to check the condition of the well pump. Check if the pump is properly connected to the power source. 

If it's powered, try to reset the pressure tank. You'll need to contact your plumbing expert immediately if the pump doesn't function. They will repeat the troubleshooting process and handle the repair work if the pump is faulty.

Higher Electric Bill

A sudden power bill increase can indicate that your pump isn't operating efficiently. This usually happens because of faulty wiring or other issues with the well or pump. So, after you notice a significant spike in your power bill, get someone to check if the well pump is operating efficiently. Maybe some essential parts are affecting the way the pump works.

Low Water Quality

If you have used the water from the well for household use for a while, you know the color, smell, and taste. Any change could imply that the water pump is failing and needs to be examined. So, get an expert to test the water and determine why there are some changes. If the primary culprit is the pump, you'll have to fix it immediately.