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Why Home Drain Cleaning Is Not A DIY Project

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Home drain cleaning may seem simple, but there are many reasons why it's best left to the professionals. Your plumbing system is a complex network of interconnected pipes and fixtures; even a small problem can quickly snowball into a much bigger one. Here are a few reasons you should leave drain cleaning to the experts. 

1. Use of Harsh Materials

The most common drain cleaning products in the market are harsh, highly corrosive chemicals that can cause serious burns if they come into contact with your skin. The chemical fumes from the products might also harm your lungs and throat, especially if you've made a habit of using the products.

You're better off leaving home drain cleaning to professionals who don't use any harsh chemicals for the process. The professionals have access to state-of-the-art cleaning equipment that uses innovative technology, like hydro-jetting, to blast all debris from your drains.

2. Risk of Damaging Your Pipes

Another reason to leave drain cleaning to professionals is that you risk damaging your pipes if you don't know what you're doing. Even a small misstep can result in costly damage you weren't prepared to handle. Besides, if you used the earlier-mentioned drain cleaning solutions, the chemicals could slowly corrode your drain pipes, making them brittle. If you're not careful, you could easily end up cracking a pipe that exposes your home's foundation to excess moisture. But if you trust a professional to clean your drains,  they'll use cleaning techniques designed to preserve the structural integrity of your pipes.

3. Danger of Flooding

Attempting to clean your drains yourself can also put your home at risk of flooding. If you don't have the proper equipment or experience, it's easy to make a mistake that could result in a major leak. This leak could quickly fill your home with water, causing extensive damage. Flooding is also a health hazard as it can create an environment where mold and mildew can grow.

Not to mention that the effluent water and domestic waste from your drainage system would pose a potential health hazard at your residence. That's why when you suspect that your drains are starting to back up, it's best to call a professional rather than try to fix the problem yourself.

4. Time-Consuming

Attempting to clear a clogged drain yourself can take hours, particularly if you don't have any experience with plumbing or drain cleaning. And even if you're able to get the effluent water flowing away from your home, there's no guarantee that the drains won't just clog up again a week or two later. To save your time and ensure you enjoy lasting results, you should leave home drain cleaning to the professionals.

The next time your home's drains start acting up, save yourself time, money, and hassle by calling home drain cleaning services to restore functionality and sanitation at your residence.

Contact a local residential drain cleaning service to learn more.