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Tips For Fixing Common Water Heater System Problems

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Is your water heater not getting the job done anymore? Maybe you don't have any hot water at all in your household or the hot water is turning cold sooner than you would like. If you want to fix this problem, you might need professional help, but there are also some possible solutions you can try on your own to fix your issue. Here are some tips for dealing with common problems with your home's water heater system.

You Have No Hot Water Because of an Issue With the Power

If your hot water system won't kick on at all, the first place to check is your circuit breaker box. Sometimes just flipping the switch might be enough to reset the power going to the water heater and get it to work properly again. 

You Have No Hot Water Because a Limiter Needs to be Reset

What if you know you have power going to the water heater system but the system still seems to be turning off on its own or sooner than you would expect it to? Another possibility here could be that your system's temperature limiter needs to be reset. The system may be turning the heating elements off when the water gets to a certain temperature, but this system isn't 100 percent correct all the time and could need to be recalibrated by a professional. In the meantime, try and reset the limiter and see if that gets you more long-term consistency when heating up your water.

You Have Less Hot Water Than You Need Because Your Family Has Outgrown Your Current Heater

If your water heater seems to be working fine, but the 3rd family member to get in the shower each day complains that the water is getting cold on them, you should still check for common repair issues, but you should also realize that it's possible that you just need a new water heater with a bigger tank that can store more water.

Contact a Professional for Assistance

If flipping a breaker, resetting the limiter and other basic attempts at repairing your water heater are not working, there could be something more serious going on. Some of your heating elements may have failed completely. A significant build-up of sediment in your water tank may be causing issues over time. For best results, contact a professional sooner rather than later when dealing with water heater problems in order to get a fix more quickly and return to regular use of your hot water system.

Reach out to a water heater system repair contractor for more information.