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4 Reasons Why Plumbers Use Hydro Jetting To Clean Your Pipes

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Maintaining your home's plumbing is essential to ensure a safe and clean water supply as well as efficient drainage from sinks, tubs, and showers. When it comes to handling tough clogs in pipes or sewer lines, plumbers often opt for hydro jetting as a reliable cleaning solution. Hydro jetting is a process of using high-pressure jets of water at extremely high speed to clear out any blockages or debris inside the pipes. It can reach areas that aren't accessible through manual means such as snake augers or plungers. Here are four reasons why plumbers use hydro jetting for pipe cleaning:

1. Safe and Effective Cleaning

Hydro jetting is one of the safest and most effective ways to clean pipes. There are no harsh chemicals and the high-pressured streams of water cut through even the toughest clogs with ease. The jets of water can easily penetrate hard-to-reach areas within the pipes, ensuring that any blockages or debris build up is removed in one go.

2. Minimal Damage to Pipes

Using hydro jetting for pipe cleaning minimizes damage caused to your home's plumbing system. Traditional methods such as augers or plungers can cause scratches and dents on the interior walls of the pipes which weaken their structural integrity. With hydro jetting, plumbers can thoroughly clean out any debris without having to worry about causing any damage to the pipes themselves.

3. Prevents Future Clogging

Hydro jetting is great for preventing future clogs from occurring in your pipes. The high-pressure streams of water can easily flush out any debris, buildup, or blockages that are inside the pipes. This helps extend the life of your plumbing system and prevents frequent clogs from occurring due to the accumulation of waste and dirt in the pipe walls over time.

4. Unclog Multiple Pipes At Once

Using hydro jetting also allows plumbers to unclog multiple pipes at once, as it's designed to target a group of pipes at once with its high-pressure water jets. This means they can clear out all the blockages in one go rather than having to snake each pipe separately. This saves time and labor costs, making it a much more efficient solution for handling tough clogs across multiple pipes.

In conclusion, plumbers use hydro jetting to clean pipes due to its safety, effectiveness, minimal damage to pipes, ability to unclog multiple pipes at once, and cost-effectiveness. If you have any questions about hydro jetting or need professional help with unclogging your plumbing system, don't hesitate to contact a licensed plumber near you today. Remember that regular maintenance is key to avoiding costly repairs in the future—so make sure to inspect your plumbing system regularly and call a professional if you suspect any blockages or debris build-up. 

For more info about hydro-jetting, contact a local company.