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Cleaning Your Home's Sewer Line

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The sewer line is one of the most important components of your home's plumbing due to it serving the need of carrying away wastewater from the house. While sewer lines are generally a reliable portion of your plumbing, they will need to be periodically cleaned, but some assumptions about this type of maintenance can mislead homeowners. This could result in them experiencing serious problems with their homes that could be very costly to correct.

Assumption: Clogged Drain Lines Will Be The Only Warning Sign That Sewer Cleaning Services Is Needed

Unfortunately, a mistake that people can make about cleaning their sewer lines is assuming that this is only needed when the drain line has already started to slow. Unfortunately, this misconception can lead to a homeowner waiting to have this cleaning done until their line has become completely clogged. While clogged drain lines can be a major indicator that your system is needing to be cleaned, it is also possible for the drains to develop foul odors. Scheduling to have this cleaning done at regular intervals can be a preventative option that can keep your sewer line flowing freely.

Assumption: Drain Cleaning Chemicals Can Clean Your Sewer Line

Drain cleaning solutions can be reasonably effective at removing grease and other accumulations that may have formed in the sink drains. However, these substances are not effective at cleaning the sewer line. Rather, specialized tools are needed that can actively break apart any accumulations and residues that have gathered in the sewer line. In contrast, drain cleaning solutions may simply flow through the sewer line while causing minimal disruption to the accumulations that have formed.

Assumption: Cleaning The Sewer Lines Will Involve Damaging The Landscaping For The Property

Unfortunately, there are individuals that will simply assume that cleaning the drain lines will require extensive excavation work to be done to their yards. This can lead to them avoiding this type of work from being done as they will want to preserve the look of their landscaping. In reality, sewer cleaning services can complete this process without having to negatively impact your landscaping. This is due to the availability of tools that can be inserted through the pipes and into the sewer line. Once this tool is in place, it may use a combination of hydro jetting and physically scraping the residues to remove them from the interior of the sewer line. While this may take several hours to complete, it can provide for a comprehensive cleaning of this critical part of your plumbing. 

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