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Which Plumbing Problems Require Repair By A Residential Plumber?

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You can quickly fix some simple plumbing issues, such as clearing a clog on a single drain and repairing a leaky faucet. You only need basic skills and simple tools to fix such problems. 

However, there are some issues you should leave to the professionals. Some of these require extensive plumbing knowledge and special tools to fix. If you don't have the skills or tools, it's easy to cause a flood or damage your plumbing system. Call a residential plumber for repair if you are experiencing the following issues. 

Leaking Pipes

To fix a leaking pipe, you may need to tear through ceilings, floors, or walls. If something goes wrong during the process, water may gush all over the house, creating a mess. Also, if you don't fix the pipe correctly, it will continue leaking water and cause damage to your property.

A plumbing company professional will quickly identify a leaking pipe. Therefore, they will prevent unnecessary ripping to your walls, floors, or ceiling. They also have the necessary tools to seal the pipes to prevent future water damage. 

Water Heater Issues

Whether you have temperature fluctuations, no water, or your heater is leaking, call a professional plumber, as attempting to fix the problem is potentially dangerous. Trying to repair water heater issues without the proper training can cause electrocution, burning wires, or severe malfunction. 

A residential plumber has extensive piping and electrical wiring knowledge. They will identify and fix the issue while following safety regulations to prevent hazards. 

Low Water Pressure

If there is a low water pressure problem in several areas of your home, it signifies a significant problem that needs to be identified by a residential plumbing contractor. Several plumbing issues can cause low water pressure. These include a clog or leak in the system, a broken pressure regulator, water supplier issues, etc. Diagnosing the exact problem without damaging the plumbing system is difficult without plumbing knowledge.

Severe Clogs

It's easy to fix simple clogs in your sink, tub, or toilet using tools such as a plunger or drain snake. However, these tools won't work if there are tough clogs. 

If you have a clog that won't go away even after various DIYS, it's time to call a professional residential plumber. Similarly, call a plumber immediately if there are clogs in multiple areas or sewage water seeping back into the toilet, bathtub, or sink. They will identify the cause and fix it using specialized tools. Attempting to fix such clogs can cause damage to the drain pipes.