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The Top Plumbing Services You Need A Pro For

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What are the top reasons to schedule professional plumbing services? A do-it-yourself approach could leave your home with backups, leaks, or other similar issues. If you don't have pro-level plumbing skills, take a look at the most popular services that require a contractor's attention.

Plumbing System Maintenance 

You don't need to wait until there's a problem to call a professional plumber. Routine maintenance can help your system to stay in top shape and may reduce the risks of clogs, backups, or the need for emergency plumbing visits. 

The specific types of services offered during a routine visit may vary by contractor. In general, a routine visit would include an inspection and cleaning services (if necessary). Some plumbers use a specialized video camera to see into the pipes. This can help them to spot clogs or other issues before they turn from minor to major issues. 

If your pipes and fixtures are slow to drain, you may also want the plumber to snake or clear the clogs. Even though you may not have full backups and the toilet still flushes or the water in the sink goes down, this service can also stop a potentially serious (and costly) issue before it grows into something that requires a complex repair.

Repair of Leaky Pipes

What seems like a minor drip could waste a significant amount of water. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), one drip per second from a sink faucet could waste 3,000 or more gallons of water annually and 10 drips per minute from a showerhead could cause you to lose over 500 gallons. This un-environmentally friendly waste of water will cost you money in the price of unnecessary utility bills. 

Instead of throwing money down the drain (along with the wasted water), contact a professional plumber for a quick fix. Even though it might seem like an easy repair for you to try yourself, some leaks come from hard-to-fix sources. Some causes of leaks will require you to replace pipes, inner seals, or cracked flanges. These are jobs that require specialized knowledge and experience. Failure to fully correct these issues could cause additional plumbing problems. 

Install A Water Heater

Water heaters are complex appliances that are not easy to install. More specifically, these appliances are not easy for homeowners with little to no plumbing expertise to install. Like leak repair, failure to correctly install a water heater could cause unexpected plumbing problems. Along with damage to your home or the new appliance, the wrong type of installation could put you at risk or create a serious home hazard. Whether you choose a traditional tank or tankless water heater, leave this job to a pro.

Reach out to a plumbing services contractor for more info.