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A Plumber Can Provide Repairs And Maintenance To Your Home's Plumbing Shut-Off Valves

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The shut-off valves on your plumbing are important features. They can be used to turn the water off in an emergency when you have a leak, and they can also turn the water off when a plumber needs to make repairs.

You have a main shut-off valve that cuts off water flow coming into your house and stops water from every faucet, and then you have shut-off valves underneath the sinks and on the toilets in your house to turn off the water to individual fixtures. Here's how a plumber can help maintain the shut-off valves in your home so they work properly.

Replace A Leaking Valve

You should get a leaking valve replaced as soon as you can so it doesn't drive up your water bill. A leaky valve can also cause water damage if it drips on the floor. Replacing the valve is an easy plumbing repair. The plumber shuts off the water and then takes out the old valve and puts in a new one.

You may want to have the type of valve changed when you get a new one. Older homes usually have gate valves. These have round handles that you twist to turn the water on and off. A problem with these valves is they can get stuck, and then the valve is useless. Plus, you might accidentally break it by trying to move the stuck valve.

It's important to have a valve that's operational at all times, especially on the water main so you can shut the water off in an emergency. You might want the plumber to install a ball valve when you get a new one. These are used on newer homes, and they have a few advantages. They're made of materials other than metal, so the valve may not corrode and lock up as easily.

Plus, their design is different. They work like a lever so you can grasp and move the valve more easily and get the water off in a hurry.

Work A Stuck Fixture Valve Loose

As a type of plumbing maintenance, you may want the plumber to check all the shut-off valves to the fixtures in your home. It's also good if you do this routinely so you can keep the valves moving so they don't get stuck. If a plumber finds a stuck valve, they can work it loose without harming the valve when possible. If that can't be done, they can replace the valve that needs it.

Keeping these valves working properly is important so you can turn off the water to the sink or toilet if you get a tank leak and still have water in the rest of the house.

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