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3 Signs Your Air Conditioning's Drain Line Has A Blockage

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Air conditioning systems remove moisture from the air as they cool. They then use drain lines to carry this liquid out of your system. 

However, your system can't drain normally if its line has a problem. These lines often get clogged up with dirt, dust, and even mold. If a line is partly or fully blocked, then your system stops working as it should.

How can you tell when this happens?

1. Your Air Conditioning Stops Working Normally

The moisture your air conditioning system collects goes into a drainage pan. Your drain line connects to this pan.

If your line is clear, then the water in the pan drains away. However, if your line has a blockage, then water will either drain away too slowly or simply won't drain at all.

This can trigger your system's drain pan sensor. If a pan stops draining or gets too full, then this sensor trips and turns off your air conditioning to prevent leaks.

So, if you have a completely blocked line, then your air conditioning might not work at all. When it tries to cycle on, the sensor will trip because the pan isn't draining water away.

In some cases, your air conditioning comes on for a while but then shuts down too soon. This is a sign that your line is partly blocked. The sensor might trip initially; however, as the water slowly drains down the line, your system will work until too much water collects in the pan again.

2. Your Cooled Air Smells Moldy

Drain lines create a perfect environment for mold and mildew growth  These lines are constantly moist. So, it's common for these organisms to grow inside these lines.

Mold and mildew don't always spread enough to cause a complete drain line blockage. So, your air conditioning will continue to work as usual if the line is clear enough. However, any mold or mildew clogs in your system are noticeable.

The cool air that comes out of your vents will smell musty. Some people compare this smell to wet earth or rotting vegetables. The air might also feel damp.

3. Your System Leaks

Any blockage in your drain line affects the line's ability to clear water away. This drainage system only works if the line is clear. If it isn't, then water will build up in the holding pan.

The water in this pan has to go somewhere if it can't go down its line. Typically, it will spill out once the pan is full.

So, you will see water on the floor under the pan or on the surrounding walls. If you don't fix this leak, then the water can damage surfaces and encourage mold growth.

To fix your drain line problem, contact air conditioning repair specialists.