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How To Remove An Old Water Heater

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An old water heater that has stopped working means you need a replacement water heater. This is something that you should leave to a professional plumber, especially if you are not plumbing savvy and aren't all that handy. Emptying the tank may not be too difficult, but the removal and installation may be too much for you to handle. If you think you can handle the job of removing the old tank, read on for helpful information on how to get this job done.

Turn Off The Water And Gas Supply

First and foremost, you need to turn off both the water and the gas supply lines going to the water heater. They are both connected to this system, so you need to turn them off to prevent more water from being removed than necessary and wasting water, and the gas should be shut off anytime you work with anything that involves natural gas. Once these things are turned off, you can proceed.

Attach The Drain Line

Find the drain valve opening and attach a garden hose to the unit. The hose should remove the water from your home and outside of your house. There will be a lot of water being removed, so it needs to drain somewhere safe that will not flood your home or other surrounding homes. You may be able to drain to the road, but this may be something you have to clear with the local authorities. The water coming out will be extremely hot, so be very careful when handling the hose and the drain. Allow all of the water to drain out, which could take some time.

Disconnect The Water And Gas Lines

You need to disconnect the water lines going to your unit, which may require that you cut them off. This means you need to use a reciprocating saw, or you may be able to use a hose-cutting tool, but this will take you extra time. Disconnect the gas line as well while you are disconnecting lines. Be sure again that the gas is turned off before you work on the gas line.

Remove The Old Water Heater

Next, you will need to remove the old water heater from your home, which can still be a difficult task even though the tank is empty. There is usually still some water in the tank, so the tank may be quite heavy. Use a dolly or a rolling cart to help you remove this from your home. Once it is removed, the new water heater can be installed in its place.

If your water heater has stopped working, you should remove the old water heater and have a new one installed in your home. Hire a professional plumber to help you both remove the old unit and install the new water heater.